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Chicago W hotel dented my car when they parked it and will not fix it. When I called to complain they asked me where the damage was and I said all four corners of car were damaged.

Then I asked them to send me a copy of the valets check in sheeet (where they mark damage on the car). All four corners of the car were marked for damage but only 1 spot was actually damaged.

Got a major run around from their insurance company, valet company, and W Hotel.

Think Valet kicked side of door because he wasn't happy with his tip. They charged $45 to park it so figured a tip was not in order.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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That's what happens when you use Valet parking. Their job is to park the car, if it gets towed, stolen, damaged, that's your fault.

You knew the risks when you decided to pay 45 dollars for parking. I lived in Chicago for 12 years.

Parking in regular lot is about 20-30 bucks depending where you are. A lot better and I bet your car would not have been dented either.

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